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This 13 Level Player Development Curriculum Systematically Takes Any Player From Absolute Beginner to Pro Standards
You’re Getting The Full Curriculum

The Full Curriculum is a 13 Level progressive basketball curriculum is a video library designed to systematically take any player from an absolute beginner to professional levels. 

Each level contains age and developmentally correct basketball principles and drills. 

You’re getting over 130+ proven basketball principles, concepts and fundamentals and 1200+ game-like drills, skills video workouts. 

When an athlete has successfully mastered one level, they move up to the next level.

And You’re Getting The Encyclopedia of Skills Training

The Complete Encyclopedia of Player Development is a deep dive into all the developmentally correct principles needed to master ALL the skills an athlete needs to become elite. 

You’re getting instant access to hundreds of done-for-you drills & workouts for skills development so you can focus on systematically building an in ball handling, driving, finishing, passing, shooting, 2/3 player motion, post play and footwork drills.

Get Lifetime Access to BOTH Programs Today For Just $299 (Save over 90%)
Here’s Exactly What You're Getting:

The Full Curriculum

1. Basic Curriculum (Levels 1-4) Fun and engaging drills for beginners aged between 6 and 10 – Total Value $440.00 
2. Intermediate Curriculum (Levels 1-4) for players to compete at high school – Total value $500.00 

3. Advanced Curriculum (Levels 1-4) for upper high school and lower collegiate players to push them harder – Total value $540.00 

4. Pro Curriculum with challenging drills for collegiate and professional levels - $550.00 

 Total Value of the Full Curriculum - $2030.00

The Complete Encyclopedia of Skill Training
1: Keep Your Game Alive By Mastering Your Drive – Value $299.00 

2: GBB’s Beginner to Pro Finishing and Shooting School - $299.00 

3: Tighten Your Handle – Complete Ball Handling Series – Value $299.00 

4: Compete Passing And Catching Series – Value - $199.00 

5: Complete Mastery Of Moving Without The Ball Series – Value $199.00 

6: Become A Multi-Skilled, Versatile Post Player – Value $199.00 

7: Defensive Footwork and Reaction Drills – Value $199.00 

8: Decision Making 2 and 3 Man Motion Drills – Value $99.00 

9: The Board Man Gets Paid Series - Get More Rebounds More Consistently – Value $99.00 

10: Footwork Drills That Translated Into Every Basketball Skill – Value $49.00 

 Total Value of the Encyclopedia of Player Development - $1940.00

365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Despite the generously low price, I still need to make sure you’re secure and comfortable with your purchase. 

You have a year to try the program to see if it’s right for you. 

If you feel this isn’t right for you in a week, a month or a year from now, send a quick email to my business manager Mihai at and we’ll refund you ASAP. 

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